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Sold Secure Locks
Having purchased your new bicycle, you need to protect it - our insurance is there to help in the worst case scenario, but you are required to take sensible precautions to protect your property.

It's a condition of your Dynamo Cover insurance policy that you securely lock your bike, and have a lock that meets Sold Secure standards. You may also have to prove you bought a lock meeting Sold Secure standards, so make sure you keep the receipt!
Cover Overview


Your Bicycle(s) and any fixed third party components will be covered for:

Theft, Accidental Damage, and Malicious Damage whilst at home, or away from home, subject to you complying with the security requirements noted in the policy

We will pay for the cost of repair or pay the cost of replacement as new, or at our discretion, arrange for repair or replacement, with a similar article of like kind, functionality and quality on the following basis:

1. For any standard bicycle, the cost of repair or replacement as new
2. For any discontinued bicycle, the cost of repair or replacement with a machine of a similar type or equivalent specification.
3. For any custom bicycle, where the parts have been individually purchases, we will pay the replacement cost of the individual components, but in no event we will pay more than the amount insured shown in the schedule less any policy excess.

We will replace the bike on a 'New for Old' basis, providing the bike is 3 years old or younger.

Custom Bikes

Should your bike be a custom made beauty you'll be glad to know that third party components are insured as well, providing that they're value is included in the sum insured.

New for Old Replacements

We will replace the bike on a 'New for Old' basis, providing the bike is 3 years old or younger (Bikes older than 3 years will be individually assessed).

Utilising our nationwide network of retailers; we will arrange replacement of your bike with a new model of either the same bike, or should it be discontinued; a like for like replacement.

When dealing with a replacement we will arrange for you to visit one of our retail partners, to ensure you're properly fitted and supplied correctly.

You may also nominate your own repairer.

Multiple Bike Discount

You be rewarded with a multi bike discount when purchasing cover for more than one bike - This is a discount of up to 15%.

Accidental Damage

If you have an unforeseen accident, you're insured. If your components or frame is damaged you're insured to either repair or replace them (should the damage mean it's no longer fit for purpose).


Sadly, far too many bikes get stolen. When insured with us, you're covered for it's replacement or the cost of replacing it.

Leaving the bike unattended: If you're leaving the bike unattended for a period of time then you will need to secure your bike through the frame to an immovable object. This means:

(a) any solid object fixed in or on to concrete or stone, which is not capable of being undone, removed with, or lifted under/over the
(b) a properly fixed motor vehicle roof rack or properly fixed vehicle
Bicycle rack.
(c) at train stations, a
Bicycle rack supplied by the train station expressly for the purpose of securing bicycles and within the jurisdiction of the transport police.


All bikes are insured for Social, Domestic & Pleasure use including Non-Competitive Sportives. Should you require either Commuting, Business, Off Road (Mountain Biking) or Competition use, you must specify this when creating a policy.

Personal Injury

Please refer to the Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR) section below.

Public Liability

Should you choose this cover: Public Liability covers up to the Limit of Indemnity you selected, in the event that you become legally liable for injury to/or death of another person, or for accidental damage to a Third Party property, arising from your use or ownership of a bicycle, assuming you are a UK resident. The amount payable under this section includes reasonable defence costs and expenses incurred by you with our written consent in connection with any liability insured by this policy.

Cycling Accessories Cover

Should you choose this cover: We will cover the Loss, Theft and Accidental Damage of Cycle Accessories up to the limit shown on Your Certificate of Insurance.

Theft of Cycle Accessories whilst away from the Insured location applies only when in the your possession, or when the Cycle Accessories are attached to the insured Bicycle using a security fixing or mounting, and are removed from the insured Bicycle using Forcible and Violent Means.

Personal Possessions Cover

Should you choose this cover: We will cover the Damage to Personal Possessions belonging to You or Your family (or that You or they are legally responsible for) that are damaged at the same time in an incident as your bicycle.

Replacement Bicycle Hire

You are covered for: The reasonable cost of the hire of an alternative bicycle from an approved bicycle dealer whilst awaiting the repair or replacement of your bicycle when the subject of an approved claim, up to a maximum of £500. Hire costs must be agreed in advance and be less than the current value or repair cost of your bicycle.

Roadside Recovery

Should you choose this cover: If your bicycle is more than one mile from home and is irreparably damaged as a result of an accident, vandalism, or irreparable mechanical breakdown then Roadside recovery will be available. Upon validation of your policy cover, the recovery administrator will dispatch a recovery operator if, as a result of an insured event, you are unable to complete your cycle journey.

The recovery administrator will arrange and pay for you, any pillion passengers and your bicycle (if appropriate) to be transported at our discretion to:

• The nearest suitable bicycle repair shop; or
• The nearest appropriate railway station; or
• The nearest car rental agency; or
• The nearest overnight accommodation; or
• Your home, if closer.

Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR)

Should you choose this cover: Uninsured Loss Recovery (or ULR) is designed to help cover the legal costs in order to pursue a claim from a third party to recover any losses you've incurred that weren't insured. These include losses for injury as well as material losses for damage to personal property.

This cover also included 'Pot Hole' damage as standard, which is designed to pursue a local authority in the event of an accident or damage caused, as a result of a pot hole or other fault with a road.

EU & Worldwide Cover

Should you choose this cover: We will extend your insurance cover to either of these selected regions.

EU - 90 Days of Cover
WorldWide - 60 Days of Cover


Your excess for this policy is £50 except for a Public Liability claim, which is £250


There are both 'General Exclusions' for the whole policy and 'Individual Exclusions' for some of the additional cover options. You can find out more information by either reading a copy of our Policy Wording (Available to Download/Read below) or calling our Policy Advice team on 0333 358 33 20 and select option 1.

Obtaining a Quote

You can obtain a quote and purchase a policy both online and over the phone.

Online: Please click here to be taken to the home page, where you can click the link to be taken to our quote engine.

Over the Phone: Please call 0333 358 33 20 to speak to a member of our team today.
Which lock do I need?
Your bike will need a lock that has been tested by Sold Secure. Different value bikes will need different levels of approval by Sold Secure, their locks are giving either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificate.

• Bronze - Protects bikes up to £500
• Silver - Protects bikes from £501 to £1,500
• Gold - Protects bikes over £1,501

If you're unsure then give us a call on:
0333 358 33 20
Policy Wording
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Policy Wording
Policy Wording
2013 - 2014
Policy Wording
2012 and before
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