7 money saving tips for motorists this summer

Money Saving Tips For Motorists

Dynamo Cover are here to share 7 money-saving tips for motorists. With inflation rising to 9% in May, we’re keen to share how you can make your money stretch further.

Money saving tips for motorists

Budget cuts are affecting everyone – we hear you!

We recommend using budgeting tools to identify what’s costing you the most and analysing how you may be able to reduce this. Did you know, you can make automatic savings with Monzo and search for discounts online via Honey?

We understand it can be tricky to save money on motoring because the cost of everything is rising! However, we’re here to share some money-saving tips, that may just save you hundreds of pounds!

Fill up at a Supermarket

You may have noticed that fuel prices are considerably lower in some UK Supermarkets – this is because they can use motor fuel to promote the rest of their business and attract more shoppers! Did you know, Tesco Card are also offering 5% cashback when buying fuel?

Sticking to the speed limit

Sticking to the speed limit can save you money on fuel! Believe it or not, going 80 MPH will use up to 25% more fuel than if you were going 70 MPH!

Haggle down your Car Insurance

Car Insurance is one of the biggest yearly spends when you analyse your motor costs. If your Car Insurance is due to renew, don’t accept the renewal price straight away. Identify ways to save on your Insurance by: having a black box, parking your car in your garage instead of on the road, driving it out of peak hours etc.

Pay Road Tax Annually

If you can, try and pay your Road Tax yearly to save yourself some money! It may only be a few pounds, but as Tesco says… “every little helps”.

Use Parking Apps to identify cheap parking spaces

If you regularly use Car Parks, why not download Parking Apps to identify cheaper areas local to you? JustPark is a great app, which will help you choose the most cost-effective location.

Regularly Service your Car

This may sound like an expensive option, but having your car maintained regularly will reduce the chances of breakdown and costly repairs. At Dynamo, we offer a competitive Used Car Warranty to save you from costly repairs!

Switch to EV or Hybrid

Electric cars are a lot more affordable to run in comparison to Petrol / Diesel vehicles. Electric cars definitely save on fuel with the average price of a full charge being £10.00*.

And there you have it, our top 7 money-saving tips for motorists!

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