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7 Ways to Secure Your Home this Summer

Key in Door - Securing Home for Summer Holiday - Home Emergency Cover

A total of 19.1 million Brits travelled abroad for their summer vacation in 2021. To help you enjoy your time away, we’re sharing 10 ways to secure your home this summer.


Ensure that all windows and doors are locked

Despite the fact that it may seem obvious, it is quite easy to forget! It is recommended that you lock all your windows and doors, including the garage and outbuildings when you leave your house vacant for a prolonged period of time.


Remove all window/door keys and store them in a safe place

To prevent intruders from getting access to your property in the future, remove window and door keys and store them safely.


Secure your home by lighting up the landscape

Criminals, burglars, and vandals dislike being in the spotlight. By providing ample outdoor lighting, you can keep them at bay. Install lighting in your front and back gardens, along pathways, and near outdoor structures such as a garage.


Upgrade your security systems

Security systems are essential for any home, whether they’re DIY systems or those with professional monitoring and home automation features. With today’s modern home security systems, there is a security system to suit every budget and every level of protection.


Don’t disregard the garage/outhouse

In recent years, criminals have become more adept at breaking into your home through this entry point. Even if they cannot access your home, your garage is likely to have plenty of valuables. Ensure that both interior and exterior garage doors are locked regularly.


Place all valuables in a safe

Should someone get past your other home security measures, ensure that valuables are protected. Whether it’s jewellery or important documents, in-home safes offer secure storage. Ideally, you’ll want a safe that’s fire-resistant, waterproof, and heavy enough to prevent a thief from taking it.


Protect your home from fire

Ensure that your home is safe from fire by taking precautions.

  • Ensure that current fire alarms and CO detectors are functioning.
  • Where necessary, install new detectors.
  • Unplug all electrical items from sockets and turn them off.


Taking out Home Emergency Cover is another way to secure your home this summer. A major advantage of Dynamo Cover is that it offers competitive Home Emergency Cover, which will protect you against unexpected ‘Leaks and Electrical failures’.

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