How many Congestion Zones are there in the UK

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With many major cities now introducing Congestion Zones across the UK, we thought we’d share how many there are and where you can find them. Congestion Zones are there to reduce air pollution.

What is a Congestion Zone?

A Low Emission Zone (LEZ) or Clean Air Zone (CAZ), is an area whereby a Council will define limits for certain vehicles driving through cities and towns that could increase air pollution. 

Most commonly enforced in London, other major UK Cities are now introducing Congestion Zones to protect the quality of air in densely trafficked areas. 

How many Congestion Zones are there throughout the UK?

There are currently 4 Low Emission Zones in the UK; London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Bath. However, there are discussions with other councils that advise LEZ may enter Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester and Newcastle. It seems many of the UK’s largest cities are now focusing on providing clearer air zones!


Which Cities are planning on introducing Congestion Zones?

Manchester, Aberdeen, Dundee, Newcastle, and Sheffield Councils are looking to introduce Zones in the near future. 

Are there specific cars that are exempt from LEZ and CAZ? 

Most Electric Cars are exempt from Congestion / Low Emission Zones. Therefore, if you drive an electric vehicle, you can go anywhere without paying a premium. Currently, larger cars, taxis and heavy goods vehicles are required to pay a fee when driving through a Low Emission Zone. 


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