How to Stay Warm on Bike Rides

how to stay warm on your bike

With the winter months still among us, we thought we’d share some tips on how to stay warm on your bike rides! There’s nothing better than being outdoors, but let’s make sure we’re looking after ourselves too.

Did you know… around 11.8 million Brits own a bike, and almost 1.3 million of them use their bikes to go riding off-road. That’s a lot of people!

Read our top 5 tips on how to stay warm on bike rides:

staying warm on bike rides

Firstly, wrap up warm! 

It may sound obvious, but we always advise using multiple layers when going for a frosty bike ride! We recommend multiple layers over a large coat, so that you can adjust your temperature as and when you see fit. Staying warm is rule number 1.

Map My Run advise using:

  • A base layer that locks away moisture.
  • A mid layer with thermal properties to keep in the heat when you need it most.
  • An outer layer with a windstopper fabric to protect you from cold air and wind.
  • Always bring an extra jacket. 

The UK weather changes fast, so be prepared! We’d always recommend taking an extra jacket, just in case of extreme temperatures. Better safe than sorry, right?


Protect your feet. 

Layering is great for retaining heat, but we advise shoe covers for your feet. Wearing multiple socks will make your shoes feel tighter and may cause a lot of sweat, making your bike ride uncomfortable.

Try waterproof shoe covers, that way, keeping you warm and dry!


Your head is the temple, let’s keep it warm. 

Don’t forget your head when on a cold winter bike ride.

Did you know, 30% of your body’s heat is lost through the head?

Like your body, we recommend multi-layering, so that you can adjust the temperature based on current weather conditions.

For an outer layer, why not try an Aero Helmet? An Aero Helmet will keep you warmer on your bike ride as they have less vents, so keep the heat in! If you don’t have one of these, a helmet cover will do! As a base layer, Map my Run suggests a Cycling Cap.


Drink warm fluids! 

When it’s cold on your bike ride, stay warm by drinking warm fluids. Put hot tea, squash or water in your flask.



Eating before a bike ride always helps, especially big meals that will keep you warm! Food with lots of protein and fibre are a good way to keep warm when exercising. For example; porridge and meat.


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