Our top tips for a safe summer road trip!

Map in car. Person getting ready for a summer road trip.

With the UK’s weather set to improve this week, we’re expecting many of our users to kick-start their summer holidays with a UK / European road trip!

A driving holiday can be a great way to enjoy different places in a way that is truly bespoke.  Whether it be a romantic trip or a family get-together, we’re here to share some top tips for a safe and stress-free journey.

Plan your road trip

Sat-Nav technology has made longer journeys much more straightforward than they were in the past! Up-to-date software should alert you to road closures or maintenance works that might disrupt your journey.

Keep the children entertained

If you are travelling with children it can be important to make sure that an in-car entertainment regime is in place to keep them calm throughout the journey!

Make regular stops

Any experienced long-distance driver knows that having regular stops is essential for safe driving. Regular stops also allow you to check your vehicle for; fuel, coolant, oil, washer fluid and tyre pressure. If any of these need topping up, a service station will stock these items.

Travelling abroad?

When taking your vehicle outside of the United Kingdom, some countries require covid passports, insurance, vehicle origin stickers and more. Check the Government website before departure to avoid delays when leaving the UK. More information can be found, here.

Most importantly… check your vehicle before you set off on your road trip!

Making sure your vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition is a great place to start. The easiest way to ruin a road trip is by having a mechanical failure or a breakdown! Tyre condition and pressure, recently changed oil and a top-up of window washer fluid are key things to check before setting off.

The above top tips will put you in great stead when setting off on your travels this summer. However, we understand some times things can go wrong!

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