The Most Popular Car Brand of 2021

most popular car brand of 2021

In the UK, there are roughly 1.7 million new cars manufactured for the market each year! At Dynamo, we’ve been doing some research to find out the most popular car brand of 2021.

Over 3.9 million Used Cars are sold each year in the UK, and with a saturated market, it can be tough to choose the best car for you! Combined with new car registrations per year, that’s a lot of cars – but, which are the most popular to buy?

When buying a car, it’s all about personal preference! Buying a car is a huge purchase, and you want to make sure you pick the right one. However, for many UK drivers, the resale/ depreciation of a car is a key factor when purchasing. At Dynamo, we’ve been doing some research to see which brand is the most popular.

Volkswagen scored first place in the 2021 Most Popular Car Brand Award! 

Ford has dominated the UK market for many years, and has been the Best Selling Car Brand for a while! However, being 35% down last year, meant the number 1 spot was stolen by Volkswagen. Becoming the ‘Best Selling Car Brand of 2021’, was the first time in VW’s history, with 147,000 new car registrations!

Tesla took second place, with the most popular model of 2021 being the Tesla Model 3. And, Vauxhall took third place with the Vauxhall Corsa selling a whopping 40,000 units and making it the most purchased car of 2021.

So, with VW being the most popular car brand in the UK in 2021, which are their most famous models? 

The VW Polo was the best selling model for VW last year, with 30,643 new car units. Despite its first debut in 1975, the Polo has continued to wow the UK market, and worldwide, for many decades!

The new-shape Polo has won many worldwide awards, including the ‘2018 Urban Car’ title,  making it a top contender for your next car purchase.

The most popular car brand of 2021 is VW

VW’s second best selling model of last year was the Golf, with 30, 243 new car units.

The VW Golf, a bigger predecessor to the Polo, won Family Car of the Year at the Sunday Times Car Awards. The Sunday Times reports that the Golf “has set the benchmark for affordable family cars that just ooze quality. The Golf 8 is versatile, spacious, practical, economical and retains that classic Golf silhouette whilst evolving with sharper, sleeker looks. With its plethora of engine sizes to suit every type of driver and amazing high tech interior, the Golf 8 Hatchback is one of the best family cars on the market right now. “

VW takes number one spot for the most popular car brand of 2021

The votes are in, and the UK has spoken, the most popular car brand of 2021 was Volkswagen.


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