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The UK’s most popular car colour

Looking to purchase a new car? We’re here to share the UK’s most popular car colour!

Mercedes A Class - Grey

How many cars are there on the UK road?

There are currently 39.2 million (and rising) cars licensed on the UK road.

How many cars were sold in the UK in 2021?

5.1 million cars were sold in 2021; 1.2 million of those were new car registrations, followed by 3.9 million used cars.

What was the most popular make and model sold in 2021, and which colour was this? 

The Vauxhall Corsa took the hot seat of the UK’s most popular car at over 40,000 new car units sold, with the most popular colour being Quartz Grey. This was followed by the Tesla Model 3 at 34,000 new car units, with Midnight Silver being a Brits favourite. 

Is there an overall winner for the UK’s most popular car colour?

Overall, Grey remains the UK’s favourite, with 24.3% of New Cars registered being Grey!

Black was the UK’s favourite for Used Cars with nearly 500,000 sold between April – June 2021!

Grey was Number 1 for Petrol and Diesel Cars, but PHEV’s top colour purchase for 2021 was Black. 

Car Finance is set to rise by 14% in 2022!

Car Finance Applications increased by 17% in 2021 and are forecast to rise a further 14% in 2022! Applications grew by ¼ between the period of July 1 – August 24 2021 to nearly 600,000 Applications. Did you know, 91% of cars in the UK are Financed via Bank Loan, PCP, HP or Lease? 


Have you considered GAP Insurance, Breakdown or Warranty for your new car?

Once you’ve decided the car colour that’s right for you, why not consider how you can protect it?

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