Short-Term Temporary Car Insurance

Car, van or learner driver insurance by the hour, day or week

In partnership with GoShorty

1 hour to 28 days flexible cover

Fully comprehensive cover

Drivers aged 19 to 75

Get cover in less than 2 minutes

(*Have your driving license ready!)

Who Are GoShorty?

FCA authorised GoShorty are in partnership with us to provide Short-Term Motor Insurance. They are a highly rated company that provides quality short-term cover for a variety of customers.

Why should I use Dynamo in partnership with GoShorty?

This is a good question. We decided to partner with GoShorty as we saw a need from our customers for short-term (also known as temporary car insurance) motor insurance and GoShorty’s reputation as a partnership business is reliable and high quality.

Why choose short-term motor insurance from Dynamo?

Short Term Motor Insurance (also known as Temporary Motor Insurance) is a flexible insurance that gives you the freedom to drive a car or van from 1 hour up to 28 days with no long standing commitment.

This affordable way to drive is suited for various reasons; moving house and borrowing a van, learning to drive, having to drive someone else’s car in an emergency, or test driving a privately sold car. It takes under 2 minutes to get a quote, and all underwriters are highly trusted.

Features & Benefits of Short-Term Insurance

Cover from just 1 hour

You can choose to insure your chosen vehicle for just 1 hour, or choose up to 28 days for cars and vans.

This covers a range of circumstances and can be much cheaper than if you are added to someone’s comprehensive car insurance.

Market leading underwriters

A market-leading comprehensive temporary motor insurance, underwritten by trusted underwriters.

Quick and easy cover with low excess

Get a quote for this flexible, pay-as-you-go cover in under two minutes.

No waiting around!

Various vehicles and drivers accepted

This cover is for cars, vans and even learner drivers.

We can cover cars up to the value of £65,000 too!

Protected policies

All policies at Dynamo Insurance and our partner GoShorty are fully insured and protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

All aged drivers

Unlike many of the alternatives, short-term cover is available for young drivers (from 19 to 75 years old).

Low excess

If you need to make a claim, there is no hidden charges and all policies have a low excess.

NCB Protection

Protects the car owner’s no-claims bonus in the event of a claim.

BIBA logo

Dynamo Cover is a proud member of our sector wide association, BIBA. Ensuring our commitment to upholding the best practices in our industry.

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Q&A About Our Breakdown Cover

When you get temporary car insurance with GoShorty, you instantly get fully comprehensive car insurance. Comprehensive cover for temporary car insurance covers:

  • Loss, theft or damage
  • Accident recovery
  • Legal liability

Yes, you can. If you have a car that you only use from time to time, that you store off-road, you can opt to insure your car for each journey or just on weekends, for example. If you are doing this, your car won’t be insured between policies, and you’ll need to keep it off the road and get a ‘Statutory Off Road Notification’

There are several instances where short-term car insurance isn’t the right solution. When you hire or rent a vehicle, these will come with their own insurance or specialised hire car insurance. Temporary car insurance policies do not cover a hire or rental vehicle.

You also can’t use it if you’re using the car to make money, for example, if the vehicle is used as a taxi or transporting goods (you will need to select the ‘commercial vehicle’ option if the vehicle is used for these purposes).

There are three main factors that affect how much your short-term car insurance will cost:

  1. Your age
  2. The vehicle you want to cover
  3. The length of the policy

While these are the main factors, other things will also come in to play, such as points on your license or any optional extras you add to the insurance.

Yes, you can! You can get temporary van insurance through GoShorty.

Yes, you can! For a long time, this was your main option, but it can be costly. Temporary car insurance is a short-term, affordable solution that lets you instantly get insured on someone’s car, without affecting their policy. Also, rather than being added for a long period of time, you can do it over short periods, like an hour or just a few days.

As long as the policy starts and ends in the UK you can use our policies to drive in the EU on the lowest level of cover available in that country.

You can insure a car for as little as 1 hour with GoShorty. Check out their hourly car insurance for more information.

While they specialise in short-term car insurance, you can actually insure a car for up to 28 days or one month with them. Check out their monthly car insurance.

While GoShorty try their best to offer everyone the best short-term insurance quote, they can’t always promise this. Factors such as your age, how long you’ve held your licence for and the vehicle you want to insure can affect your quote. While they can’t change this, we do hope you return if your circumstances change so that they can provide you with a flexible and affordable policy.

Yes, you can. For your car to be taxed you need a valid insurance policy and an up-to-date MOT. Once your temporary insurance policy is in place you will be able to tax your car. This can be done with the DVLA online, over the phone or via the post office.

Extending your policy is simple, easy and quick. It takes as little as 90 seconds to get covered. So once your policy comes to an end, simply repeat the super-quick process so you can get back on the road in no time.