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What Does Our Gadget Insurance Cover?

Insuring your gadgets such as your phone or laptop is crucial for day to day life and it provides you with complete peace of mind should the worst happen. Whether your gadget was accidently damaged or you’re at home or not, our competitive gadget insurance is there to cover the cost of the repair or replacement. With regards to what our bespoke gadget insurance policies cover, they include the following:

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Accidental Damage

Our gadget insurance covers all forms of accidental damage, which can include dropping your phone on the floor to a drink falling onto your laptop. All of our policies are tailored to your needs and we are here to provide you with complete peace of mind because accidents do happen!

water damage | gadget insurance | dynamo cover

Water Damage

Gadgets that have been subjected to water damage is very common and if your gadget is damaged by any type of liquid, you'll be covered by our gadget insurance. If the gadget can't be repaired, we'll provide you with a replacement at no extra cost as part of our policy.

loss and theft cover | gadget insurance | dynamo cover

Loss and Theft

If your phone, tablet or laptop gets lost or even worse… stolen, we’ll cover the cost of a replacement. As long as you have evidence of ownership of the gadget, we will arrange for the like-for-like replacement as soon as possible to replace your gadget.

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Unlimited Repairs or Replacements

At Dynamo, our flexible gadget insurance policies offer unlimited repairs or replacements. Therefore, regardless to how many times you've accidentally dropped your phone or spilled a drink onto your laptop, you'll never have to go without!

12 months warranty | gadget insurance | dynamo cover

Warranty On All Replacements

If you have had a replacement gadget as part of our gadget insurance cover, we'll provide you with warranty on all repairs. Therefore, if anything were to go wrong with the replacement, you can call us up to discuss the issue.

replacements | gadget insurance | dynamo cover

Like for Like Replacements

All of our gadget insurance policies will provide you with a like-for-like replacement should your gadget be lost, stolen or damaged! Therefore, if you insured an iPhone 13, you'll receive the exact same iPhone 13 model that you had insured.

worldwide cover | gadget insurance | dynamo cover

Worldwide Cover

A standout feature of our comprehensive gadget insurance is the fact that it protects all of your gadgets worldwide. Therefore, if you have an issue with your gadget wherever you are in the world, you can speak to our friendly team for assistance.

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Single Gadget Cover

At Dynamo, we take great pride in offering affordable gadget insurance and you'll receive all of our benefits from insuring just a single gadget. Whether you want to insure your phone, tablet, laptop or any other gadget, get in touch today for a quote.

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Multi Gadget Insurance available

If you are a "gadget guru" with all the latest tech, why not protect all of your beloved gadgets with our multiple gadget insurance cover? By insuring multiple gadgets, you'll benefit from our multi-policy discount!

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Gadget Cover is designed to cover the costs to repair or replace your phone, tablet, camera or other gadgets should it be damaged. It is also designed to cover the cost of a replacement should it be stolen!

This depends on the value of gadget – Gadget Insurance is calculated based on the level of cover you wish to insure. £500 worth of cover would be a cheaper policy than £2000 worth of cover.

We have a very straightforward claims process and you can contact us at any time to register a claim. Our Claims handler will give you instructions on what to do next, and you will also be required to complete some paperwork. We may also have to speak with some third parties (such as the police) and depending on their response time this can cause a delay, but this is out of our hands.

When you buy Gadget Insurance, you will be required to provide evidence of ownership and condition. If you don’t provide this then you may find you are not insured should something happen! Restrictions on how old a device is may also apply.

Dynamo Cover has been the comparison site’s favourite Gadget Insurance product for a number of years. This coupled with our “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot and multi-award-winning business, means you’re in safe hands.

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