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We are not an insurance broker, instead we are an InsureTech platform that allows our users to purchase a range of insurance products commission free.

By letting our users manage their own insurance needs, there is no need for a broker, thus giving you a great saving!

Manage Your Policies Online

You're able to manage your policies yourself in our online portal. Here you can manage your renewal preferences and make instant changes to your policy online 24/7.

How It Works

Set up a policy online

Manage your policy preferences & renewals yourself

Combine your policies into 1 payment

Manage your cliams & get paid direct into your bank

Our Product Range

GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance

We’ve seen it before, and if you don’t ensure with Dynamo for your GAP Insurance, we’ll probably see it again! Don’t end up out of pocket in the event of your car being declared a write-off; even if it wasn’t your fault!

Get GAP Insurance
Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle Insurance

Don’t be left out of pocket in the event your bicycle is damaged, or even worse...stolen! Insure your bicycle today with Dynamo Cover.

Get Bicycle Insurance
Breakdown cover

Breakdown Insurance

Breakdown and Recovery Cover around the clock, wherever you are in the UK or Europe. Our competitive Breakdown Insurance covers: Cars, Vans, and now Caravans and Trailers!

Get Breakdown Insurance
Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance

Gadget Cover is there to protect you and cover the costs if your Phone, Tablet, Camera or other Gadget needs repairing, or worst case, replacing! At Dynamo, we provide comprehensive Gadget Insurance for individual Gadgets, but also Multi-Gadget insurance policies.

Get Gadget Insurance
extended warranty

Motor Warranty Insurance

Don’t end up being out of pocket, in the event your Car develops a fault after it’s Manufacturer Warranty!

Get Motor Warranty Insurance
Home Emergency Cover

Home Emergency Insurance

We understand that sometimes, things go wrong! Don’t get caught out with expensive bills when your Boiler breaks. At Dynamo, we offer round the clock Home Emergency Cover. Get insured now.

Get Home Emergency Insurance
Home Insurance

Home Insurance

When buying a House, it’s important to make sure that in the unlikely event something goes wrong... you’re covered. At Dynamo, we work with a range of providers to ensure you get the best deal on your Home Insurance.

Get Home Insurance
diesel emission claim

Own A Diesel?

If you owned or used a Diesel vehicle which was registered between 2006-2020, it’s likely you will be eligible for compensation.

Diesel Emissions Claim

Dynamo Cover is a proud member of our sector wide association, BIBA. Ensuring our commitment to upholding the best practices in our industry.

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We understand that insurance is not always everyone's favourite purchase, but our goal at Dynamo Cover is to be your preferred alternative.

If you're looking to save some money on your bills, or you would require some extra cover, then our policies have a range of additional benefits included as standard. We are also rated as "Excellent" on Trustpilot (March, 2022).

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