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What is Bicycle Insurance and why do I need it?

We’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it again! Typically, Home Insurance only covers Bike’s up to £500; Bicycles over this amount aren’t covered. Should your Bike be damaged or in the worst case, stolen, you won’t be covered against your Home Insurance. Low cost Bicycle Insurance from Dynamo Cover is there to protect you, should the worst happen.

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Your Bicycle is involved in an Accident

If your bicycle, or any components are damaged, thanks to our top-level Bicycle Cover, Dynamo will pay the cost to repair or replace!

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Your Bicycle is STOLEN!

In the worst case, your bicycle is stolen! Should this happen from a Bike Rack, Property or Car, then we’ll pay the cost to replace the bike. PHEW.

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Did you know, we also cover Bicycle Accessories?

At Dynamo Cover, our Bicycle Insurance Policies are tailored to you! Did you know, you can also insure your Accessories or Kit, so should they get damaged or lost… they’re insured as well!

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Third Party Cover

If you had an accident with a car or another cyclist and their car or bicycle were damaged, then we’ll also pay the costs incurred. You really do get the best level of cover with Dynamo, so why not get a quote today?

bicycle injury cover | dynamo cover

We also cover more than just the Bicycle – including injuries

If you suffered an injury because of an accident, then compensation for the injuries would be covered under our Personal Injury Cover!

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Better Safe than Sorry

With our multi-policy discounts, you can insure from 1-5 bikes with Dynamo Cover Ltd. Click here to get a quote and set up your policy online, today! It really is that simple!

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Read our Policy Wording – Bicycle Insurance

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our Policy Wording Document. Here you will find information relating to your insurance policy.

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Bicycle Insurance covers you for Accidental Damage, Theft or Loss of the bicycle up to the specified value on the schedule of insurance. Additions can be purchased that cover accessory, sport use, European use, Personal Injury cover and more!

No, the cover will end once the bike on cover is sold or ownership transferred to another person. This policy also cannot be sold on to that individual. Bicycles replaced by the insurer as a result of a claim will be covered, however. If you sell your bike and buy a new one, you will be able to transfer the insurance to the new bicycle but may have to pay an additional premium and/or a fee.

Dynamo Cover has been a competitive leader in the online cycle insurance space for numerous years, providing a high standard of cover from A-rated insurers. Our product caters to the needs of the average commuter, to track focussed professionals, meaning that we always have a level of cover right for you.

For a £1000 bike, a user can expect their cover to start from around £35.00 for the most basic level of cover with no policy additions.

Yes, the standard excess is £50 but we will also be launching a £100 excess product. The higher the excess, the cheaper the premium will typically be.

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