Which type of GAP Insurance is right for me? 

which type of gap insurance is right for me

What type of GAP Insurance is right for me?


Just bought a new car? Looking for GAP Insurance but not sure which GAP Insurance Policy is right for your needs? We’re here to share some insight into the different types of GAP Insurance and help you make the right decision on what GAP Insurance Policy to buy! 

What is GAP insurance?

GAP Insurance, better known as, Guaranteed Asset Protection, is an Insurance product that helps pay off your Vehicle Finance should your car be declared a write-off. 

At Dynamo, we always recommend GAP Insurance. It’s relatively inexpensive and protects you if your car value is less than what’s owed on your Finance Agreement. 

Why should I consider it? 

All cars depreciate. Everyone is familiar with the fact that as soon as the car leaves the forecourt, it loses a lot of money in value. But exactly how much? And does this depreciation stop after this? You might be surprised that even second-hand cars depreciate! 

The average depreciation on a new car in the UK within the first 12 months is between 30-40% and is around 15% for used cars. 

So, whatever car you buy, why not mitigate the risk and protect your finances should you write it off? 


What are the different types of GAP Policies? 

Below you’ll find the different types of GAP Insurance, and we’re here to explain each one, so you can make the best purchase. 

Return to Invoice GAP Insurance

Return to Invoice GAP is designed to give you back what you paid for your car when you bought it!

An example: If your car finance is £20,000 and your Insurer says your car is only worth £13,000, RTI GAP Insurance will pay the difference. 

With RTI GAP, you may be able to clear your finance settlement and have some money left over. Please note: this isn’t guaranteed and varies on your individual situation. 


Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance

Vehicle Replacement GAP or VRI is a type of insurance that tends to cover the cost of what you paid for your vehicle, the cost of a like-for-like replacement, or cover the amount of finance you owe on your Finance Agreement. 


Where can I buy GAP insurance? 

You can buy GAP Insurance at a Dealership, Online or direct with Dynamo Cover

Why choose Dynamo? 

Dynamo Cover are the UK’s Leading GAP Insurance provider, with over 9,000 Reviews. We’re #1 on Comparison Sites and provide £25,000 Personal Injury and £1,000 Excess Cover as standard. 



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