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Where Are The Happiest Places To Live In The UK?

hexham is the happiest place to live in the UK in 2022

The UK has many “happy places” to live and living in one of these places can be beneficial for several reasons such as:

  1. Happy places tend to have lower levels of stress and higher levels of life satisfaction, which can lead to better mental health and overall well-being.
  2. Happy places often provide greater access to green spaces, cultural amenities and social connections, which can help people feel more connected to their community and promote a sense of belonging.
  3. Happy places tend to have better job opportunities, higher wages and more affordable housing, which can improve financial stability and reduce economic stress.

This year, Hexham in Northumberland claims the number-one spot on the index (having previously topped it in 2019).

21,731 Took Part In Rightmove’s Happy at Home Index survey

Researchers found Hexham residents were happier this year than in any other area. The atmosphere in the area is conducive to happiness because of its community spirit and sense of belonging. These factors are among the most important factors for overall satisfaction.

Hexham Homeowners are asking for an average of £297,088, up 6% from last year’s £280,128. Compared to the national average of £342,401, this is lower. Hexham’s proximity to nature and green spaces also makes it popular with residents.

Mayor of Hexham Derek Kennedy commented: “Hexham is thrilled to be awarded the happiest place to live in Great Britain. We are a small town with great history, Hexham Abbey and other historical buildings and our Market Place are 800 years old. There is a wonderful community spirit, people are very supportive of one another. There are lots of community interest groups which get people working for the greater good.”

“The last 12 months in the market have been phenomenal. People have re-evaluated what they want out of their lives, moving closer to family and moving from the city to the countryside. Over 38% of our sales in the last 12 months have been from people south of Birmingham, as more people now have the opportunity to work from home, and don’t need to be in the city five days a week” – said Ailsa Mather, director at Andrew Coulson in Hexham.

Most people who move to a village from a town are happier in the new location. Almost all (81%) said they were happier where they now live, and 11% said they were just as happy where they lived before.

According to the study, people in search of happiness were more likely to stay within the same type of settlement or to move in stages.

The vast majority of those who lived in a city moved to a town. Whereas the majority who lived in a town moved to a village. Most people who grew up in a village ended up moving to a town instead of a city.

Rightmove’s director of property data, Tim Bannister, said: “It’s been an incredibly busy year in the housing market, with a lot of people deciding that now is the right time to move. It is fascinating to see that people who moved in the last 12 months were more likely to be happy in their areas than those who did not. Whether it may be a couple looking for a small change in the same area, tenants looking for more space, or a family completely changing their lifestyle and moving from the city to the coast, this has been the year that people have really seized the opportunity to move, and turned ideas into action.”

Ranked: UK’s Happiest Places to Live

RankPlaceRegionAverage Asking Price
1HexhamNorth East£297,088
2Richmond Upon ThamesGreater London£1,196,892
3HarrogateYorkshire and the Humber£353,624
4HoveSouth East£525,906
5Llandrindod WellsWales£193,601
8St IvesSouth West£494,393
10Leamington SpaWest Midlands£350,981
12HitchinEast of England£491,223
13WoodbridgeEast of England£427,542
14KendalNorth West£258,961
15MacclesfieldNorth West£277,772
16ExeterSouth West£303,215
17SalisburySouth West£318,806
18HorshamSouth East£433,892
19St. AlbansEast of England£632,320
20GuildfordSouth East£542,947



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