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The 10 Most Common Ways We Break Our Phones

10 Most Commons Ways We Break Our Phones

As you can probably imagine, as a leading provider of gadget insurance, we’ve heard thousands of ways people break their phones. To give you an idea of the most common ways people break their phones, below are 10 of the most popular ways based on our data.

10 Most Commons Ways We Break Our Phones

1. Dropping The Phone

By far the most common way people break their phone is by accidentally dropping their phone from their hand, pocket or bag. For example, when walking down a flight of stairs or simply walking the dog, you can easily drop your phone, which can cause it to crack or shatter.

2. Water Damage

Another popular reason is when the phone comes into contact with any kind of liquid such as water, tea or coffee. This can happen when someone spills their drink on their phone or even drops it in the toilet.

3. Scratched Screen

Phone screens can be easily scratched by other items in your pocket or bag such as keys, coins or other sharp objects. Therefore, depending on the severity of the scratch may determine if you want to claim on your insurance.

4. Sitting On The Phone

Believe it or not, sitting on your phone is a popular reason for breaking it. If you’ve forgotten that it’s in your back pocket and sit on it, it can cause the phone to bend or the screen to crack.

5. Overheating

Whether you’ve left your phone in direct sunlight for too long or an internal malfunction with the battery has occurred, it can cause the phone to overheat. Depending on the severity of the overheating, it can cause the phone to completely break.

6. Cracked Camera Lens

The camera on your phone is often the most important part and if it breaks, it can ruin your experience it. Whether you’ve dropped your phone or something hit it, the lens isn’t as durable as the screen and it will crack.

7. Broken Charging Port

The charging port can become damaged from impact, water or overuse of the charger and when it breaks, it’ll eventually make the phone unusable. If this does happen to you, you may want to consider using wireless charging (if applicable) to get some battery on your phone in the meantime.

8. Software Failure

If your phone’s software has been modified in any way, it can cause the phone to be unusable. Whether you’ve installed an incorrect update or it has become infected by a software virus, it can cause the phone to fail.

9. Your Kids “Had It”

Another popular reason is that your children have been “playing with it” and it has now mysteriously stopped working. Whether that’s because it won’t turn on or there is a rather large crack on the screen, the list of excuses your children may give you can be endless.

10. Running Over The Phone

Whether you run over your phone with your car, motorbike or bicycle, it has become a common way to break your phone. However, if you’ve ran over your phone with a bicycle, you may be lucky and it might not have caused too much damage.

What To Do If You’ve Broke Your Phone?

If you have broken your phone, the first thing you’ll want to do is to check to see if it’s still functioning. We state this because you may want to take a backup before it’s too late.

Afterwards, you’ll want to get in touch with your gadget insurance provider to make a claim. However, if you didn’t insure your phone, you may want to visit local phone repair shops to get a price to fix it.


While some of these accidents are preventable, others are simply the result of bad luck. However, it’s always a good idea to take steps to protect your phone such as using a protective case or not leaving it in a precarious position.

If you require any information regarding your phone or our gadget insurance, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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