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7 ways to reduce your Car Insurance Premium

7 ways to reduce your Car Insurance with Dynamo Cover

7 ways to reduce your Car Insurance Premium | Dynamo Cover | GAP, Breakdown and Used Car Warranty Specialists

Is your Car Insurance due to renew? Struggling to find an affordable quote? We’re here to share 7 ways you can reduce your car insurance premium!

We always recommend shopping around for your car insurance. There are many Comparison sites such as Money Super Market & Go Compare, that show you the cheapest deals. We’re lucky to be the #1 choice on Comparison Sites for GAP, Warranty and Breakdown Cover.

Limit your mileage

Limiting your mileage may reduce your quote! Fewer miles, means you’re less of a risk to motor insurers. When submitting your yearly mileage, be as accurate as possible. If you aren’t honest about your mileage, your insurance may be invalid.

Pay annually

Paying monthly for your car insurance can increase your premium quite substantially. It is seen as a ‘Loan’ when paying monthly, so interest is applied additionally. If you can’t afford to pay your car insurance premium in one go, you may want to consider a 0% Credit Card. We advise you to repay the minimum payments and pay off the balance before the 0% interest ends.

Improve your car’s security to reduce car insurance premium

Many car insurers will ask you what security your vehicle has. Improving your security could reduce the premium by a few hundred pounds! You can think of adding devices such as; alarms, immobilisers, locking wheel nuts or ghost immobilisers.

Build your no-claims discount

If you’ve already received your car insurance premium for the year, you would have been asked how many no-claims you have. Building up your no-claims will reduce your premium as insurers reward motorists who are claim-free. If you don’t know how many you have, you can ask your insurer.

Think about where you park your car

If you have a garage, driveway or resident parking, we advise you to park your car there overnight. Parking your vehicle off the road can reduce your insurance premium as it lowers the risk of your car being stolen or vandalised.

Would you consider a Telematics Policy to reduce your insurance premium?

Having a Telematics Policy can reduce the cost of your car insurance quite considerably. A Telematics Box bases your insurance premium around your driving! This is recorded via a Black Box or an App and can tell your insurer how you drive, which can improve your quote.

Buy your Car Insurance at the right time

Research shows that users saved over 40% on their car insurance when renewing 26 days prior to their renewal date*. Renewal prices can change daily, so the later you leave it, the greater chances of you paying more!


And there you have it… our top 7 tips for reducing your car insurance premium!

Get cheaper BreakdownMotor Warranty and GAP Insurance with Dynamo Cover.




  • * Average premium paid by all users over the age 18, for annual fully comprehensive car insurance policies bought through GoCompare between January and December 2021 [Go Compare Research].

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