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We’ve answered our most commonly asked questions below so you can find a quick and easy answer to your query.

When you purchase a policy you will be required to tick a notification at the end of your purchase to confirm that you have understood and read the terms and conditions in the “Declaration” box. In this box we will advise you if your policy is an “Auto-Renewal” contract.

Further to this at the bottom of your “Schedule of Cover” it will document if your policy is on an Auto Renewal Contract or not.

If your policy is an Auto Renewal contract and you have not contacted us to remove this feature, or turn it off then your policy may have renewed inline with our terms.

We will contact you 21 days prior to your policy renewal to offer you your renewal terms. Your policy will then automatically renew if you have not contacted us to request this not happen.

There are a few reasons why your policy will automatically renew:

  • The Government have introduced the Continuous Insurance Enforcement legislation.
  • This method of automatic renewal is common throughout the insurance industry.
  • This is done for our customer’s protections to ensure that there is continuous cover in place to protect from an unexpected emergency.

When you set up your policy we will ask you to provide us with your contact details. The details we hold and use for communication are:

  • Your Email
  • Your Telephone Number
  • Your Postal Address

When purchasing a policy you will be asked how you would like us to keep in touch with you. Email and Telephone is default selected, but you can also opt for postal copies.

Junk & Spam

It is possible that your renewal invite may have been diverted to your junk and spam folder. This is out of our control as a business and is filtered by the computer algorithms of the email service provider you have chosen to use.

As soon as an email is issued from our system it is counted as ‘delivered’, the reason for this is that we monitor “Failed Delivery” notices and if we have issued you an email and have not received a “Failed Delivery” notice then the email has been received.

It is the responsibility of the user of the email platform to check their Junk, Spam or other automatic filters and should our email be diverted into this we operate on a basis that you the owner of the email inbox has taken reasonable steps to monitor this and consider this as ‘read’.

Postal Copy Not Received

All of our letters issued have a return address on, if a letter has been posted and not returned to us we consider this as ‘Delivered’.

During your policy term, you are required contractually to keep us up to date with changes to your details including but not limited to address details. Failure to keep us up to date with the correct postal address may result in this not being delivered however we have acted on the information retained by us and believe this to be correct.

When you cancel your policy, our system will detail any deductions and credits to calculate your total amount due. Our platform will clearly explain these by colouring deductions in Red and Credits in Green. We also have handy 'I' buttons to click which will detail where these terms are detailed.

When you purchase a policy you may decide to add additional policy extras. As a result these are a separate product which have different terms and additional costs. These will be detailed in your receipt of payment but each product will have it’s own schedule with it’s own respective cost.

When you first purchase a policy from us you will receive a discount as an incentive from us to offer you our services with a reduced first year cost. When your first purchase term ends you will not be able to receive this discount as it has been used. As a result subsequent purchases from us will be at our normal price. If you try and purchase a policy following the same promotion as last year you will note that the price will increase when you come to select it and a message will pop up explaining that you cannot use that offer.

Contract Type

When you purchase a policy from us it will be one of the following:

  • Auto Renewal Contract
  • Pay as You Go Contract
  • Single Term Contract

This is denoted at the bottom of your policy schedule (see below)

Pay As You Go Contract

If you have selected not to ‘Auto-renew’ then you will have to manually renew your policy by following the instruction issued by us at the end of your policy term. Because you have contacted us to change your contract type, you will undertake the responsibility to make your own policy arrangements and as a result we will not renew you automatically.

Single Term Contract

Our single term contracts are for 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. These policies tend to be for products such as GAP Insurance, Warranty Insurance etc. These policies are not subject to renewal, as the period of insurance is ‘fixed’ by the policy. As a result, it is your responsibility to make suitable arrangements when the policy expires.

Auto Renewal

The only reason our Auto Renewal policy will not renew is if your payment method fails. This can be due to a number of reasons but are all controlled by your issuing bank. As a business, we cannot place insurance when we are not in receipt of payment. When this happens, we will issue you an email confirming that cover has not begun due to no payment and issue an invoice. It is your responsibility as the policy holder to make suitable arrangements to pay for the policy, and as a business we do not provide cover when not in receipt of payment for the goods.

When you want to change something our business has to incur a cost to process this, your insurer may also wish to recalculate your premium if your risk profile or circumstances have changed. Before we process any change, we will always provide you with a breakdown of the associated costs and what they are for.

We will not process any request without receipt of payment, as a result it is your responsibility as the policy holder to ensure that you adhere to the terms and conditions of the purchase that you have chosen. If you are unable to receive benefit of your policy because you did not keep your details up to date and pay any premium or fees owed then this is down to you.

Any fees charged by Dynamo Cover are non-refundable. This is because our business has incurred cost in making the arrangements for purchase, amendment, etc. When this happens our costs incurred are non-recoverable, which is why all our fee’s charged are non-refundable.

Before we process any charges we will always detail what costs are due to be incurred (if any) by yourself. We always ask that you are happy before processing this, and in our online portal you are asked to confirm you are happy as well.

We cannot refund or change a cost of something when it has been purchased so as a result our fees/charges will stand because that is what you agreed to prior to us processing your request.

As with any business, we have opening times, queues and busy times. Why we endeavour to always respond and service our customers as quick as possible there can be times where this will take a while.

To combat this; we have, and are always moving more of our services online, this is because it allows our customers to be able to change and make arrangements without the need of speaking to us.

As a business we will always endeavour to pick up the phone as fast as we can, and answer emails as fast as we can. If you have had to wait sometime on the phone or for a response we do apologise but asides from responding to you as quick as possible, we have done everything we can.

Dynamo Cover Limited (Us) are responsible for the arrangement, administration and processing of your insurance policy purchase. As a business we do not handle any aspect of the claims. As a result you will need to contact the relevant business chosen by your insurer to discuss such matters.

Their details can be found in the policy wording which was issued upon purchase.

Every year your contract price will adjust in line with the Retail Price Index. We have created a handy pricing policy which explains this in more detail which you can view if you click here.

Dynamo Cover Ltd is committed to providing the best possible service, quality and value for money. In order to achieve this, we invite you to complete the following feedback form.

We’re sorry to hear that something has gone wrong. We are proud of the service we provide to our customers, but we appreciate that sometimes things do not always go right first time. We can often resolve concerns right away, however if you feel you would like to contact us with your complaint, please complete the following complaint form found here.