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How To Make A Successful Mobile Phone Insurance Claim

How To Make A Successful Mobile Phone Insurance Claim

As a gadget insurer, it’s our responsibility to guide our customers through the process of making a successful mobile phone insurance claim. Therefore, in this article, we walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to making a claim.

How To Make A Successful Mobile Phone Insurance Claim

1. Review The Insurance Policy

The first step to making a successful mobile phone insurance claim is to review your gadget insurance policy.

This is important because it’ll help you understand what’s covered and what isn’t under the policy. The policy document also provides information on the claims process such as the documentation required and the time frame for submitting a claim.

2. Report The Incident

As soon as you’ve damaged or lost your phone, you should report the incident to the insurance company. The sooner it’s reported, the faster the claim can be processed, which is of course important if you want your phone repaired or replaced altogether.

3. Provide Documentation

When reporting the incident, the insurance company will require you to provide documentation to support your claim.

This may include a police report, a copy of the insurance policy, proof of ownership of the phone and proof of the incident. The documentation required may vary depending on the incident and the policy.

At Dynamo Cover, we may ask you to dial “*#06#” into your phone’s keypad (if applicable) to retrieve the necessary information.

4. Follow The Claims Process

Afterwards, the insurance company will provide you with a claims form that they’ll need you to fill out.

The claims form will require you to provide details of the incident, including the date, time and location. You’ll also need to provide a description of the damage or loss and the estimated cost of repair or replacement.

5. Submit The Claim

Once you’ve completed the claims form and gathered all the necessary documentation, you can now submit the claim to the insurance company. As always, you should ensure that all the information provided is accurate and complete to avoid delays in the claims process.

6. Wait For Approval

After the claim is submitted, the insurance company will review it and determine whether it is covered under the policy.

If the claim is approved, the insurance company will notify you and provide instructions on how to proceed. However, if the claim is denied, the insurance company will provide you with an explanation for the denial.

7. Get The Phone Repaired or Replaced

If the claim is approved, you can proceed with getting your phone repaired or replaced.

The insurance company may provide you with a list of approved repair shops or replacement options. Therefore, if they do, it’s crucial that you follow the instructions provided by the insurance company to ensure that you receive the full benefits of the policy.

8. Pay the Excess

If required, you may need to pay an excess before the insurance company will cover the cost of repair or replacement. The exact excess amount will be outlined in the insurance policy.

9. Provide Feedback

Once you’ve made the claim, at Dynamo, we love to hear feedback of your experience. Therefore, if possible, please provide feedback back to your insurer (even if you don’t have a policy with us).

What Issues Can Arise From Making A Claim?

At Dynamo, we always try to ensure our customers get the best support when making a mobile phone insurance claim. However, some issues may arise such as:

  • Failing to claim in a timely manner (i.e. most insurers require you to claim within a specified time frame)
  • Insufficient evidence to support the insurance claim
  • Damage caused by a pre-existing condition
  • Failure to pay the required excess


Making a successful mobile phone insurance claim requires you to follow a few simple steps.

If you are insured with us, you can view these steps within your policy documentation. However, if you have any queries, feel free to get in touch and we will provide our assistance where possible.

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